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Microworks strives to provide fair value for fair work. We all win – or we all lose. By helping our customers make strategic, longer term investments in technology, we maximize impact and minimize waste. We invest time in understanding a customer to ensure they obtain the best business solutions. We recommend solutions that are sustainable, upgradable, and manageable.


Microworks' has had several logos in our 30+ years in business.  They all have one thing in common: the colour green, signalling our interest in a sustainable environment. Our environmental policy ensures that the company and our employees work to reduce our environmental footprint.

Re-Use of Materials

  • Packaging materials and office supplies are reused whenever possible. Employees are encouraged to re-use packaging materials for personal use.
  • Surplus equipment is offered as a donation to local charities.


  • Surplus equipment that cannot be donated is disposed of through authorized recycle centres.
  • Blue and black box recycling is practiced in the office (for cans, bottles, plastic and paper).
  • We use rechargeable batteries.
  • Toner cartridges are donated to the Ottawa Food Bank Recycle Program.
  • Photocopier and printer paper is composed of 100% recycled material.

Minimize Use of Paper

  • Microworks has an electronic document management system that significantly reduces the number of paper documents created.
  • All printers and desktops are configured for two-sided greyscale printing as default.
  • Meetings are conducted with electronic documents rather than distributed handouts.
  • Employees are encouraged to 'think twice' before printing.
  • Marketing campaigns are designed for electronic information distribution.

Energy Efficient Infrastructure

  • All equipment purchased for the office is Energy Star compliant. 
  • Microworks partners with manufacturers of Energy Star compliant products, whose corporate policies conform to our environmental policy.
  • An energy audit service is offered to clients requiring infrastructure assessments.
  • Low-energy lights are used throughout the office.

Reduce Travel Emissions

  • Many clients are located in the downtown core, where Microworks' head office is located.  Walking to client sites is encouraged and preferred by employees.
  • Virtual meetings are used to minimize travel to clients who are more distantly located.
  • Microworks' business systems are accessible remotely, to allow employees to telecommute.


  • Employees are encouraged to suggest better ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.