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Invest in a stronger foundation

A sound infrastructure is a sound investment:

You have a lot invested in your network. The software you use daily and the information that’s critical to your business reside on this infrastructure.

You need to be sure it is safe, secure, and reliable.

After a catastrophic data loss through failure, theft, or intrusion, studies show that:

    • Only 6% of companies survive
    • 51% close within two years
    • 43% never re-open

The loss of data has an enormous cost. Forrester Research calculated that each record lost in a security breach can cost a company between $90-$305 USD.

If you consider just how many records – documents, images, emails, etc. – are stored on a typical network, such a loss could translate into tens of thousands of dollars.

 6 steps to improve infrastructure management

  1. Work with a trusted IT advisor.
  2. Create a long-term IT strategy, and review and modify it annually.
  3. Assess your network regularly to identify any risks, inefficiencies or stability issues. 
  4. Implement recommended changes identified in the network assessment. 
  5. Prepare a business continuity plan that includes a disaster recovery plan.  Test your backups regularly.
  6. Take advantage of new technologies to improve services, performance and efficiency.

Protect your investment. Talk to us today about your infrastructure.

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John Fawcett, Nunavut Tunngavik INC.